Top Cannabis strain winners in 2019

Dec 22, 2019 Blog

The cannabis industry since its inception and during its legalization process has not been short of creativity I guess the blunt gives one wisdom as the famous saying goes. Every-day the ganja farmer (producer) works hard to make you happy with plenty of cannabis strains. 2019 has not been an exception to the highly creative industry with a variety of strains that have been a great fan favorite this year. As we speak right now, there is plenty of work going on to provide you more strains making the cannabis industry a very creative and innovative space. As the current affairs stand, there is plenty of high twists and work being done right now, making the industry full of fun. Let’s see whose and which strains were top-notch winners you can select from.

Chemdog strain Kush
Like the music industry, Kush has also gone digital with great invention of this high grade weed Chemdog has been popular among the old school consumer and has made a great comeback this year due to its high THC level.

Sundae driver strain
Invented from the early state to legalize cannabis, Colorado sundae drive has undoubtedly been a top stain in is indica dominant as opposed to the low sativa. It is a breed of grape pie and FPOG, making it light-green in color with purple accents. Just like its flavor sundae driver gives you that mellow and calm high effect. Whether you are experiencing a little anxiety or in your menstrual cycle, try and roll a nice joint of sundae driver and you will go back and again and get it. It has a lovely pungent smell that will have you forget the entire struggle for a minute.

Ice cream cake strain
2019 has experienced this highly rare indica hybrid weed strain. The name says it all as it is made up of Gelato 33 X wedding cake strains giving it that unique taste. You will feel that creamy flavor as it smoothly burns the sweet cake aroma, which makes unforgettable. The effects come slowly by slowly as it gives you that everlasting happiness lifting you and gives you the much relaxation you need. Of course afterward comes the munchies and you’ll find yourself having a heavy sleep.

Tangie Biscotti strain
Tangie Biscotti strain is a rare indica made of gelato #25 x Girl Scout cookies gorilla glue #4 strains. This weed strain certainly had a big win in 2019 because of its super delicious flavor with a 25% THC level. You ever said the heck with everything else in the world? This weed strain certainly will motivate you to do precisely that and more. If anxiety is playing tricks of you like Charlemagne the god, you’ll undoubtedly be in control of it and any other forms of depuration.

We cannot talk about all weed strains, but for highlights, you can take at other pressures in the market that are daily invented. The weed man, indeed, with legalization, is not sleeping, and you can be sure to find a new twist every day. However, not all are located in the “stock exchange” or “Billboard top.” The pressures we have discussed will undoubtedly make 2019 memorable, and if you missed out 2019 is just two weeks, get yourself the variety a.s.a.p. before its 2020.