What You Need To Order Online Marijauna​ Without A Hitch

What You Need To Order Online Marijauna​ Without A Hitch

There is much misconception encompassing cannabis as a drug. Since the 1930s, there has been a lot of campaign’s giving far-fetched information on cannabis. The reports have been deceitful to the public. Some people have stopped or avoid using it because of the stigma. Those who are using it do so in private, so ordering from an online dispensary like is favourable. There is a need for cannabis education to bring to an end the fantasy surrounding the use of the drug.

Schools are also not playing their role in dispensing all the information on cannabis. It can be said to be biased, as they only give the negatives about the drug, and this is what generations will come to believe as truth. There is an increasing concern from the people on the use and the value of cannabis on health. Cannabis-infused beverages have already entered the market.  The interest by the people on the subject has resulted in increased awareness and understanding. There is, therefore, the need for cannabis education to unwind all the information to the public.  This article will focus on two reasons why we need education now than ever before.

Cannabis education is a better way of bringing sense to the use of the drug to people. In some areas, cannabis is still highly prohibited, and those found using it suffer jail sentences.  People are still not comfortable discussing any subject on cannabis because of stigma. Cannabis education will give people the freedom to express their personal views on cannabis.

The reality is that millions of people are using it, even in states where cannabis is illegal. It is always good to confront reality rather than fighting it. There is, therefore, need to educate people so that they can make informed choices. An informed public will also be pushed for reforms by the government, which will end stigma among the cultivators and users of cannabis. Dialogue is now bearing fruits as people are now looking into ways of benefiting from cannabis and approaching its effects with the appositive mind.

Chemicals in cannabis play a crucial role in the human body. It helps the body prevent and fight some diseases in a unique way. Worryingly, cannabis education is not offered in some medical schools. Some medical practitioners still have little on less knowledge on the health effects of cannabis.

With the changing world, where cannabis is becoming legal in many states, doctors are eager to get more understanding of the drug. It is disheartening and embarrassing to find medical practitioners recommending counselling for those using cannabis. This shows that they are an urgent need for cannabis education even in medical schools. There is also a need to have cannabis specialist in hospitals.

People and the government cannot afford to bury their head in the sand for long. There is a realisation that cannabis education is urgent and crucial. Educating the public on cannabis use is paramount because it is one of the growing industries around the world.   

Finding the Right Online Dispensary Made Easy

Online cannabis dispensaries are online outlets that offer order and shipment services for cannabis products. To novice users, getting the proper outlet can be challenging given the dynamics in the market and the influx of unscrupulous traders. However, with the appropriate market research tips, online cannabis shopping becomes easy and hassle-free.

Therefore, getting some quality weed at reasonable delivery time frames is possible without shortcuts. This article gives some insightful tips.

How to Choose the Right Online Dispensary

Marijuana use is legal in some countries. However, cannabis product use is limited to federal laws and age limits. Cannabis presents both THC and CBD components with recreational and medicinal benefits. Where cannabis is legal, most people find it easy, convenient, and discreet to order it online.

Below are valuable Canada online dispensary tips to blend your online buying;

Wholesale benefits

Online shopping can help consumers save time, money, and both when making large purchases. Whether you are a seasoned buyer or a beginner, you should aim for wholesale purchases to reap the rewards of bulk purchasing.

Customer support

There’s nothing more satisfying than a business with 24/7 tech support. Always engage suppliers with faster response to consumer queries, concerns, and feedback.

Product quality

The ultimate goal of purchasing a product is to use it. Products with compromised qualities are not safe and healthy for human consumption. Therefore, Choosing a dispensary should revolve around developing CBD/THC levels, reviews, and consumer safety.


Your safety revolves around cyber security. Data leaks may predispose you to cyber-attacks and malicious phishing. To ensure that your online data is protected, you should trade with reputable websites.

Supplier reviews

Online markets have attracted a lot of scammers and unscrupulous dealers. As a result, conducting thorough background checks, reviews, and customer feedback is inevitable. Therefore, before settling on any supplier, you must scrutinize them properly. You can read reviews online on customer support, delivery time, strains, and dealer trustworthiness.

Varieties and strains

Cannabis comes in different strains and forms. Before ordering online, you need to understand which strain works well for you and the outlets that stock them. For starters, you might need edibles.

Shipment time

To any cannabis user, getting your stuff easily, quickly, and conveniently is a game changer. You need to understand how your dealer operates. Some dealers supply on the same day, others within two days, and others even deliver within your schedules.

You can appreciate dealers’ shipment times through reviews and their online profiles.

Therefore, matching your medicinal and recreational needs with the right supplier is always good. Inconsistent suppliers may expose you to health risks if your reserves run out before delivering.


Marijuana consumption has increased gradually over the years. Its consumption is, however, restricted to age and state laws. Cannabis exhibits both THC and CBD properties; hence, used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Before ordering online, you need tips on choosing the best dispensary. I bet with this piece, you are good to go.


Before purchasing weed in Canada, you must go through your area’s legal retailers’ checklist. The seller must follow strict regulations to ensure that only quality weed is sold to the right person. 

Ordering weed in Canada through a credible website is now possible to make it convenient for people to get their weed. However, while buying weed online, there are many risks to consider.

Below are the regulations the retailer must adhere to before being authorized to sell weed. 

Legal Age: You must be of legal age to buy weed. Depending on the province, you can only buy weed if you are 19 to21 years old. 

The symbol on Packaging: The weed packaging must have the cannabis symbol to avoid people purchasing by mistake. If a seller packages weed as cookies, candy, or other products that are not drugs, there should be a clearly labelled symbol showing that it has weed. 

Quality standards: The weed must have an excise duty stamp that guarantees that the weed is of good quality. The weed you purchase should not have other substances that may harm human consumption. 

Health warning: There are visible health warnings on the possible effects of misusing weed. When you buy weed, you must know the impact of taking weed, its addictive property, and its impact if you take too much of it. 

Regions: You can only buy and smoke weed from the local authorized weed retailer, and you can’t buy weed from retailers not within your territory. The regulation also has designated areas where you can smoke weed, and most provinces only allow you to smoke in the designated smoking zones.

Quantity: For regulation purposes, you can only buy 30 grams of weed at any time. The regulations differ from province to province; however, some territories have check and collect programs. Your order your weed online, make payment, and then pick it up at the store. 


The website you use for ordering weed in Canada must provide safety to you regarding the privacy policy and product credibility. Make sure the site you use is credible to get quality weed you will not have to return.

You must be aware of suspicious websites that are not authorized or may be selling contaminated weed. Some of the red flags include a website that has disabled buttons or No contact information, making you unable to verify the authenticity of the site or be able to contact them later if you need to return the product.

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Five Healthy Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD oil can be made through the extraction of CBD from Cannabis sativa plant, then diluting with the hemp seed oil. CBD is used for pain, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, dystonia, and other problems, though no scientific evidence supports these uses. CBD can be found in various products, including soaps, drinks, food, and dietary supplements.

There are many varieties of CBD; some include Capsules, high CBD flowers, cream and salves, and drinks. CBD products that contain 0.3% more THC fall under the legal marijuana definition, making them federally illegal in some states but legal in some state laws, while those products with 0.3% less THC are federally legal. Discussed below are the five healthy benefits of CBD oil.

1. Relieves pain

Scientists recently showed that specific components of cannabis with CBD tinctures included could relieve pain. Research has shown that CBD can help relieve chronic pain by affecting endocannabinoid receptor activities (neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system), interacting with neurotransmitters, and reducing inflammation. 

Some research says that CBD may be effective for back and nerve pain when used alone. However, it is known to be more effective if combined with THC.

2. Acne Treatment

CBD Tinctures (oil) may offer help for acne management. One study conducted showed that oil prevented sebaceous gland activity. It is essential to talk with your dermatologist before using CBD for acne treatment.

3. Cancer Treatment

National Cancer Institute says that CBD may help reduce cancer treatment effects and symptoms. However, National Cancer Institute does not support any form of cannabis to treat cancer. CBD can change how cancer cells reproduce and moderate inflammation. In addition, it can reduce the ability of various tumor cells to reproduce.

4. Relieving anxiety

CBD is believed to have a calm effect. Researchers say that it may alter the manner in which the receptors of the brain react to serotonin (a chemical is known to be connected to the mental health. One study done by scientists established that 600mg of CBD helped out people known to suffer from social anxiety in giving speeches. CBD Tinctures may therefore be helpful with the right use.

Other studies on animals found that it may help relieve anxiety by causing sleep in case of insomnia, reducing stress, improving symptoms of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD. 

5. Treatment of Neurological Disorders EG, Epilepsy

One of the most researched uses of CBD Canada is in treating neurological disorders like MS and epilepsy. Even though the research is new, it has shown assuring results. A study conducted showed that CBD could relieve muscle spasticity that was resistant to medication in 75% of 256 people who had MS.

Another research showed that CBD tinctures reduced seizures by 36.5% in people who had epilepsy. CBD has also shown effectiveness in treating several other neurological diseases. E.g., it has shown improvement in quality of sleep and life in people with Parkinson’s disease.

CBD products have some side effects like fatigue, diarrhea, dry mouth, and loss of appetite, which you should consider before using it. The article discussed above will guide you on the healthy benefits of using CBD oil.


What are the benefits of using CBD for horses?

CBD oil is mostly used as a pain reliever and treats any other ailment affecting body functionality. It is a natural solution preferred due to its effectiveness. CBD for horses will work the same, just like humans. Horses have receptors that can be interacted with CBD to ensure that the body system runs effectively. 

When administering the CBD products to the horses, they can be added to their daily food or mixed with drinking water. In pain cases, you can apply CBD creams to their skin or affected body parts. This way, the CBD will produce immediate effects.

CBD products may come along with side effects but rarely experienced to the users. The following includes the benefits;

Reduces stress and anxiety

If a rider is undergoing stress or anxiety, the horse will experience it because it is sensitive and vulnerable. The horses also get anxious when put for travel. They also get stressed if not comfortable at their stalls. Therefore, CBD is used to bring calm and help the horses to relax. As a result, they will not feel nervous or get stressed anymore when ready to travel.

Reduce pain and inflammation

Horses also suffer from inflammatory disorders like arthritis or laminitis. The diseases will lead to inflammation and pain causing impairments if not treated. CBD for horses contains anti-inflammatory attributes to help reduce pain and intestinal inflammation.

It helps in treating ulcers.

Stomach ulcers develop on stomach lining. Gastric ulcers affect large population of racehorses. The ulcers cause discomfort because they may occur frequently. Additionally, if a horse experience stress, there are high chances of developing ulcers. There might not be a cure to gastric ulcers, but CBD helps diminish them if found in horses.

Boosting immune system 

CBD for horses can potentially help their body to fight infections more effectively. If they experience any illness their immune system will be stronger to resist it. The CBD will keep them healthier, and the body system will be able to manage the disorders and lower the chances of diseases.


There is a specific CBD supplement planned for animals. If you need to keep your animals fit and healthy choose the best CBD product. CBD for horses is purposely relied to alleviate discomforts and pains and get rid of anxiety hemp oil for dogs canada. Providing the best care for the horse will effectively benefit its health. Before giving the CBD dose to you horse, it is good to first consult the veterinaries for your animal’s well-being.

What are THC gummies? What does THC even mean?

Cannabis occurs in species of different strains, but they vary according to the levels of the two main chemicals. These chemicals are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) which act on the endocannabinoid system. The main difference between the two chemicals is that THC will cause euphoria while CBD does not. It is essential to understand THC gummies effects and uses.


Effects of THC gummies

This refers to cannabis blended in edible cookies. When ingested, cannabis undergoes digestion where THC chemical is absorbed into the bloodstream. THC activates receptors in the cannabinoid system to generate different euphoric feelings. It can slow reaction time, disrupt short-term memory, cause anxiety or affect judgment.

Uses of THC gummies

1. Management of pain

THC acts on cannabinoid receptors to relieve pain temporarily by reducing pain signals and disrupting pain sensation. This makes it medically crucial in managing pain from disorders including cancer, arthritis or rheumatoid fever. A person, however, should have a knowledge foundation on TCH gummies effects and uses to avoid overdose and reduce euphoric effects. It should also be limited to prevent chronic addiction.

2. Management of muscle spasticity

Spasticity originates from the brain area with many cannabinoid receptors; therefore, the action of THC on these receptors disrupts contraction signals causing relaxation. This action is commonly utilized in tetraplegia, which restricts pulmonary function. This will ease the contraction of respiratory muscles to enable full lung expansion, increasing tidal volume. It can also be utilized to correct contracture.

3. Management of glaucoma

This is increased intraocular pressure related to various eye conditions. THC, when administered through any route, is shown to reduce intraocular pressure, subsequently relieving glaucoma. Anyone trying to manage glaucoma using THC should properly understand THC gummies effects and uses. Failure to use the right dose can lead to low intraocular pressure than usual, leading to poor visual acuity.

4. Treatment of loss of appetite

Loss of appetite is commonly associated with behavior change. THC acts on cannabinoid receptors stimulating ingestive behavior. This corrects appetite loss and increases the amount of food intake. However, a person with a normal appetite when exposed to THC leads to an increased eating disorder. It can lead to constipation or intestinal obstruction in food with low fiber content. Any user should have basic information on THC gummies effects and uses.

5. Treatment of nausea

The psychoactive nature of THC aids in reducing feelings of nausea. Nausea is also associated with decreased intestinal motility or reverse peristaltic movement. THC act on the intestinal smooth muscles to increase gastric and intestinal motility and emptying. This reduces the levels of nausea. It also affects the chemoreceptor zone by binding to cannabinoid receptors reducing signal transmission.


While people may be misusing cannabis edibles, it is of great essence to understand WeedSmart gummy’s effects and uses to avoid misusing them without getting any benefit. It is also essential to use in limits to avoid chronic addiction. Consuming THC through edibles is more recommended than directly smoking gas. This increases the risks of inhaling carcinogenic content. 

What are the Benefits of Medical Cannabis Uses?

Over the last 50 years tremendous progress has been made in medical cannabis uses. This has led some of the most developed nations in the world to: systematically begin embracing medicinal marijuana in their mainstream healthcare systems.

 Currently rigorous research and testing is ongoing in this area. However, in this article, I will highlight the major benefits of: the most resourceful scientifically approved  synthetic medical extracts of marijuana in use today in mainstream medical field.

Management of Pain and Sleep

Apparently the cannabis sativa plant is made up of close to 100 different chemicals. However scientist have narrowed down on two major  chemicals for Medical cannabis uses. One is known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the other cannabidiol (CBD). The later has been successfully used in reducing pain in patients suffering from varied diseases. This is  attained by changing or modifying the pathways of the pain preceptors to the brain. This has come in handy for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy by substantially reducing the excruciating pain associated with this medical process.

 It has also  been successful  in minimizing pain in patients suffering from degenerative diseases such as: Rheumatoid arthritis, as well as Alzheimer’s. 

On the other hand the relieving of pain has had an important added benefit. It actually helps trigger relaxation of the patients in turn suppressing insomnia, and eventually leading to better sleep which is essential for cell regeneration and healing.

Reduction of Inflammation

When the human body detects viruses, harmful bacteria or gets injured. The brain triggers a release of inflammatory cells. This cells enmesh and destroy the harmful pathogens or initiate the healing process of the injured areas. On the flip side, excessive and continual release of  inflammatory cells especially when not needed is harmful. If left unchecked for a prolonged period: it may lead to a number of ramifications which include cell mutation a precursor to growth of cancer. Other major diseases which are associated with negative inflammation include: Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) and rheumatoid arthritis. The two aforementioned extracts of marijuana (THC and CBD) are combined to create a synthetic drug for treating such diseases. Not only does this drug reduce inflammation but it also substantially mitigates the harmful effects of inflammation on a patient’s overall health. Arguably this is considered one of the most resourceful benefit of medical cannabis use so far.

Mitigating Neurological, Mental Disorders, and Boosting Appetite

Some chemicals in medicinal marijuana are identical to chemicals our body produces. They are involved in boosting memory, aiding movement, and increasing appetite. Medical cannabis uses has made remarkable improvement in management of severe neurological and mental disorders. 

A unique case is in the treatment of two severe forms of epilepsy namely: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome;  and the Dravet syndrome (that affects children). Medicinal marijuana has also been successfully used to reduce tremors in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Veteran soldiers suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and patients suffering from ADHD (attention deficient hyperactive disorder) have shown tremendous improvements through use of drugs wholly manufactured from the two active marijuana extracts. Finally but not least the dual cannabis extracts have also been used to create a drug for boosting appetite in anorexic patients. 

Without a shred of doubt the ineffable success stories of medicinal marijuana are awe inspiring. However, major players in the medical field unanimously hold the view that: more systematic and sustained research needs to be done. To ensure all concerned stakeholders are conversant with both the negative and positive aspects of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As a results cannabis synthetic drug use for medicinal purposes will be appropriately manufactured and administered for the overall benefit of the global population. Last but not least policy makers will also come up with informed policies for systematic implementation globally.

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Who should deliver weed?

Weed may not be on the list of things you’d think can be ordered online, however, you are in for a surprise as Uber Eats and other private retailers have stepped up their game to do just that.

       Weed Delivery in Canada

The grand arrival of the legendary coronavirus somehow complicated things. To help curb its spread, social distancing was/is mandatory. This, in turn, favoured online companies. Almost everything is ordered online and delivered to your doorstep with the newest “baby” to be yet delivered to your comfort zone. In this article, I’ll dig deep into Weed Delivery in Canada, so stay tuned.

            Uber Eats to the rescue

You can now order weed through the UberEats App when in Ontario, Canada, however, there is no transport option. The clients in Ontario using the app have the option to choose the cannabis category or seek ‘Tokyo smoke’. After confirming their age, the consumer is directed to the menu of the Tokyo smoke store in the area to place their order which Uber claims will be filled within an hour and ready for pick up at the Tokyo smoke store nearby.

Uber CEO Dara Khosroshahi stated in April that the enterprise might test weed delivery in Canada when the path is clear.

         Weed for medical use

Buying cannabis now that it has been legalized in Canada is much different from when it was prohibited. Delivery is another gist. While registered patients can easily order weed for medical use for delivery directly from a certified director, when it comes to recreational cannabis, regulations differ from one region to another. To legally purchase clinical cannabis, patients ought to get a legitimate prescription from their doctors. They’re also required to sign up with a licensed director who can be trusted to abide by the stringent policies to supply top-notch marijuana which can be in the form of capsules, oil and dried weed.

              Who should deliver weed

Legal retailers are only allowed to transport cannabis within the locality in which they operate; privately owned stores aren’t permitted to deliver cannabis to consumers.

                    Shipping and collecting weed

Even though Canadians have the freedom to send cannabis to other adults of legal age, the shipment still follows federal, provincial and municipal government regulations. This has limited weed delivery Cannalyft’s same day delivery in Canada. Also, note that the average weight of marijuana varies depending on its product.

While receiving a parcel of marijuana, proof of age and signature are mandatory. The client should be in a position to provide their government given photo ID.


Truth be told, the covid 19 pandemic messed everything up and most governments were/are only aiming to provide essential services to their citizens. And this is where the hard task came, most were confused about whether to cannabis provision is an essential service of not . Ontario even declared it non-essential, forcing official stores to close for two weeks. Private retailers got a lucrative opportunity to sell cannabis to house-bound consumers. This accelerated weed delivery in Canada.


Weed may not be yet delivered to consumers’ doorstep, but there is hope for this commodity thanks to its high demand. Retailers will have to find ways to reach their clients more efficiently as this is guaranteed to increase their profits, and who doesn’t like profits? Weed delivery in Canada is a game-changer to those who are involved.

The similarity between Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains?

The difference between Indica and Sativa Cannabis is that Indica is short, bushy, has thick stems and its leaves are dark green and broad. It reduces insomnia and creates a feeling of relaxation. Sativa tree is tall with its leaves being narrow and light green. It leaves you energized and having focus and creativity. Let us discuss the similarity of  Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains

Nausea is reduced

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains are similar as they have been known to reduce nausea in some diseases as a result of the treatment given to a patient especially if it is chronic. Medically a moderate amount of THC which is balanced with CBD is used. Chemotherapy patients benefit highly as Indica and Cannabis Sativa are used together with the treatment in limited doses as they experience anticipatory nausea and are unable to control their symptoms. 

Reduce Pain

Sativa Cannabis and Indica research in labs by scientists has allowed patients with long-term illnesses and experience pain to turn to use it. They have both been used around the world for medicinal purposes with a lot of research. Treating joint pains and muscle spasms has also been made possible. When pain is reduced the patient is also able to relax and feel at ease.

Help in Loss of Appetite

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains vary when it comes to appetite. Scientific results have shown that for patients who have a chronic illness and have a loss of appetite, Indica is used to alter their eating behaviors. Appetite is increased prompting the patient to eat by triggering the hunger hormone in the brain. As for Sativa Cannabis, it suppresses your appetite due to a high concentration of THCV.

Treating Abdominal Obesity

Cannabis Sativa strains have been used by scientists to make it possible to treat abdominal obesity. This has been done by creating a blockade between Cannabinoid type 1(CB1) receptors and CB1 antagonists. This helps in the restoration of the body’s sensitivity to insulin and also improves an individual’s weight. The Endocannabinoid System in the body is also triggered. A sense of well-being is changed and positive mood effects are experienced which may prompt one to exercise.


Both Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains when used correctly outweigh the potential risks than when used recreationally. History has them as the oldest cultivated crops used for medical purposes and scientific research has shown that when quality is controlled it is beneficial to patients especially those with chronic problems. They may also work differently for everyone depending on your body and your level of tolerance.

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Similarities between smoking vs vaping cannabis

There exist a number of similarities between smoking vs vaping cannabis. These similarities give them am added advantage to be used together at the same time or even one after another when expecting certain effects. The similarities that are made known are the following;

Helps relax one’s mind and relieves stress

They are taken into the body for reasons that include helping one’s mind thus also relieving them from stress and anxiety. The feeling of getting high gives people the chance to figure out solutions of what they may be thinking. This helps offload worries for some time ensuring that one thinks through them slowly thus taking their time. Decisions made may be helpful sometimes as no pressure is experienced after using smoking vs vaping cannabis.

Package method

Their methods or package are quite similar. Smoking cannabis have been rolled into a thin rod of paper thus easily used. Vaping cannabis om the other hand also have vape pens that enable people to use them efficiently. It is for their efficient package that one can purchase them and carry them along without facing any difficulties. Their package can therefore consider to be in a portable manner. This greatly boosts its market sales.

 However much people may worry about the packaging of this products, when it comes to using them, how it was packed does not matter much.

Smoking vs vaping cannabis debate never ends as those that prefer smoking will always be on the smoking side whereas those that prefer vaping will support the vaping side. 

Contain similar substances

Both smoking vs vaping cannabis have nicotine in them. Nicotine is what brings forth the feeling after the cannabis is burnt. Substances that have nicotine should however be taken in a certain amount. Nicotine may be harmful to somebody when taken in excess. Such substances are the reasons behind some hyped prices on them as they are not easily found on everything as expected when using smoking vs vaping cannabis.

One thing for sure, whether you take cannabis through vaping or smoking, the effect will always be felt depending on the reactions of your body. The amount you taking either through vaping or smoking also plays a huge role on the impact of the cannabis to your body. 


Smoking vs Vaping cannabis have got many more characteristics that may be similar or different. This therefore comes as proof that there are varieties of cannabis each having common similarities but some have added advantages. They however grow under certain circumstances and climate.

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Effects of Weed and Smoking

Weed is obtained from dried leaves of cannabis plant. It may also be made from water, spices, or milk.  It is considered one of the most abused drugs around the world. There has been an increased use of weed over the past years among young people. There is need for them to be sensitized on its effects.

It is smoked as a cigarette or in a dry pipe. One may also mix it with food such as cakes or cookies then eaten or it can be mixed with tea. Smoking vs. eating weed effects are listed below:

Short- term effects of weed

These are effects that normally occur immediately and they eventually wear off after some few hours. Immediately after a person is done smoking weed, he may have a feeling of being relaxed. Most people term it as ‘being high.’ This is because it contains THC which makes the brain to react to pleasure.  Other short-term effects include:

Dryness of the mouth

An increased heart rate

The eyes become swollen and also turn red.

Lessened coordination

An increased risk of addiction

Most people who use weed tend to use it over and over again. This is due to the relation it gives. Some people have to have it on their daily meals or drinks. People who get addicted to it at a younger age are more likely to experience its effects earlier compared to those who started using it during adult life.

Effect on the brain

Smoking vs. eating weed effects on the brain includes memory loss, anxiety, loss of motivation and depression. One may develop an impaired brain in certain regions of the brain. This may make an individual less active in activities that require a greater degree of integration.

Effect on social life

A student, who uses weed, may not perform well in school due to its effects on the brain. The student may drop out of school in order to abuse it. Increased use leads to memory loss which may make it hard for one to remember things.

Long- term effects

These are effects that occur after a month or years. They include:

One may be unable to comprehend different information

An increased risk of contracting infections

Having no incentive to motivation

Respiratory difficulties


The effects of this drug should be treated early enough before it can lead to adverse effects on the body. Counseling should also be offered for those struggling with addiction.

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