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Who should deliver weed?

Weed may not be on the list of things you’d think can be ordered online, however, you are in for a surprise as Uber Eats and other private retailers have stepped up their game to do just that.

       Weed Delivery in Canada

The grand arrival of the legendary coronavirus somehow complicated things. To help curb its spread, social distancing was/is mandatory. This, in turn, favoured online companies. Almost everything is ordered online and delivered to your doorstep with the newest “baby” to be yet delivered to your comfort zone. In this article, I’ll dig deep into Weed Delivery in Canada, so stay tuned.

            Uber Eats to the rescue

You can now order weed through the UberEats App when in Ontario, Canada, however, there is no transport option. The clients in Ontario using the app have the option to choose the cannabis category or seek ‘Tokyo smoke’. After confirming their age, the consumer is directed to the menu of the Tokyo smoke store in the area to place their order which Uber claims will be filled within an hour and ready for pick up at the Tokyo smoke store nearby.

Uber CEO Dara Khosroshahi stated in April that the enterprise might test weed delivery in Canada when the path is clear.

         Weed for medical use

Buying cannabis now that it has been legalized in Canada is much different from when it was prohibited. Delivery is another gist. While registered patients can easily order weed for medical use for delivery directly from a certified director, when it comes to recreational cannabis, regulations differ from one region to another. To legally purchase clinical cannabis, patients ought to get a legitimate prescription from their doctors. They’re also required to sign up with a licensed director who can be trusted to abide by the stringent policies to supply top-notch marijuana which can be in the form of capsules, oil and dried weed.

              Who should deliver weed

Legal retailers are only allowed to transport cannabis within the locality in which they operate; privately owned stores aren’t permitted to deliver cannabis to consumers.

                    Shipping and collecting weed

Even though Canadians have the freedom to send cannabis to other adults of legal age, the shipment still follows federal, provincial and municipal government regulations. This has limited weed delivery Cannalyft’s same day delivery in Canada. Also, note that the average weight of marijuana varies depending on its product.

While receiving a parcel of marijuana, proof of age and signature are mandatory. The client should be in a position to provide their government given photo ID.


Truth be told, the covid 19 pandemic messed everything up and most governments were/are only aiming to provide essential services to their citizens. And this is where the hard task came, most were confused about whether to cannabis provision is an essential service of not . Ontario even declared it non-essential, forcing official stores to close for two weeks. Private retailers got a lucrative opportunity to sell cannabis to house-bound consumers. This accelerated weed delivery in Canada.


Weed may not be yet delivered to consumers’ doorstep, but there is hope for this commodity thanks to its high demand. Retailers will have to find ways to reach their clients more efficiently as this is guaranteed to increase their profits, and who doesn’t like profits? Weed delivery in Canada is a game-changer to those who are involved.

Effects of Weed and Smoking

Weed is obtained from dried leaves of cannabis plant. It may also be made from water, spices, or milk.  It is considered one of the most abused drugs around the world. There has been an increased use of weed over the past years among young people. There is need for them to be sensitized on its effects.

It is smoked as a cigarette or in a dry pipe. One may also mix it with food such as cakes or cookies then eaten or it can be mixed with tea. Smoking vs. eating weed effects are listed below:

Short- term effects of weed

These are effects that normally occur immediately and they eventually wear off after some few hours. Immediately after a person is done smoking weed, he may have a feeling of being relaxed. Most people term it as ‘being high.’ This is because it contains THC which makes the brain to react to pleasure.  Other short-term effects include:

Dryness of the mouth

An increased heart rate

The eyes become swollen and also turn red.

Lessened coordination

An increased risk of addiction

Most people who use weed tend to use it over and over again. This is due to the relation it gives. Some people have to have it on their daily meals or drinks. People who get addicted to it at a younger age are more likely to experience its effects earlier compared to those who started using it during adult life.

Effect on the brain

Smoking vs. eating weed effects on the brain includes memory loss, anxiety, loss of motivation and depression. One may develop an impaired brain in certain regions of the brain. This may make an individual less active in activities that require a greater degree of integration.

Effect on social life

A student, who uses weed, may not perform well in school due to its effects on the brain. The student may drop out of school in order to abuse it. Increased use leads to memory loss which may make it hard for one to remember things.

Long- term effects

These are effects that occur after a month or years. They include:

One may be unable to comprehend different information

An increased risk of contracting infections

Having no incentive to motivation

Respiratory difficulties


The effects of this drug should be treated early enough before it can lead to adverse effects on the body. Counseling should also be offered for those struggling with addiction.

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