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Similarities between smoking vs vaping cannabis

There exist a number of similarities between smoking vs vaping cannabis. These similarities give them am added advantage to be used together at the same time or even one after another when expecting certain effects. The similarities that are made known are the following;

Helps relax one’s mind and relieves stress

They are taken into the body for reasons that include helping one’s mind thus also relieving them from stress and anxiety. The feeling of getting high gives people the chance to figure out solutions of what they may be thinking. This helps offload worries for some time ensuring that one thinks through them slowly thus taking their time. Decisions made may be helpful sometimes as no pressure is experienced after using smoking vs vaping cannabis.

Package method

Their methods or package are quite similar. Smoking cannabis have been rolled into a thin rod of paper thus easily used. Vaping cannabis om the other hand also have vape pens that enable people to use them efficiently. It is for their efficient package that one can purchase them and carry them along without facing any difficulties. Their package can therefore consider to be in a portable manner. This greatly boosts its market sales.

 However much people may worry about the packaging of this products, when it comes to using them, how it was packed does not matter much.

Smoking vs vaping cannabis debate never ends as those that prefer smoking will always be on the smoking side whereas those that prefer vaping will support the vaping side. 

Contain similar substances

Both smoking vs vaping cannabis have nicotine in them. Nicotine is what brings forth the feeling after the cannabis is burnt. Substances that have nicotine should however be taken in a certain amount. Nicotine may be harmful to somebody when taken in excess. Such substances are the reasons behind some hyped prices on them as they are not easily found on everything as expected when using smoking vs vaping cannabis.

One thing for sure, whether you take cannabis through vaping or smoking, the effect will always be felt depending on the reactions of your body. The amount you taking either through vaping or smoking also plays a huge role on the impact of the cannabis to your body. 


Smoking vs Vaping cannabis have got many more characteristics that may be similar or different. This therefore comes as proof that there are varieties of cannabis each having common similarities but some have added advantages. They however grow under certain circumstances and climate.

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Effects of Weed and Smoking

Weed is obtained from dried leaves of cannabis plant. It may also be made from water, spices, or milk.  It is considered one of the most abused drugs around the world. There has been an increased use of weed over the past years among young people. There is need for them to be sensitized on its effects.

It is smoked as a cigarette or in a dry pipe. One may also mix it with food such as cakes or cookies then eaten or it can be mixed with tea. Smoking vs. eating weed effects are listed below:

Short- term effects of weed

These are effects that normally occur immediately and they eventually wear off after some few hours. Immediately after a person is done smoking weed, he may have a feeling of being relaxed. Most people term it as ‘being high.’ This is because it contains THC which makes the brain to react to pleasure.  Other short-term effects include:

Dryness of the mouth

An increased heart rate

The eyes become swollen and also turn red.

Lessened coordination

An increased risk of addiction

Most people who use weed tend to use it over and over again. This is due to the relation it gives. Some people have to have it on their daily meals or drinks. People who get addicted to it at a younger age are more likely to experience its effects earlier compared to those who started using it during adult life.

Effect on the brain

Smoking vs. eating weed effects on the brain includes memory loss, anxiety, loss of motivation and depression. One may develop an impaired brain in certain regions of the brain. This may make an individual less active in activities that require a greater degree of integration.

Effect on social life

A student, who uses weed, may not perform well in school due to its effects on the brain. The student may drop out of school in order to abuse it. Increased use leads to memory loss which may make it hard for one to remember things.

Long- term effects

These are effects that occur after a month or years. They include:

One may be unable to comprehend different information

An increased risk of contracting infections

Having no incentive to motivation

Respiratory difficulties


The effects of this drug should be treated early enough before it can lead to adverse effects on the body. Counseling should also be offered for those struggling with addiction.

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