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Benefits of Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms

Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms have numerous benefits that its users confirm. This article delves into the benefits of this popular recreational substance. 

Introduction – Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms.  

The benefits of micro-dosing of “Magic Mushrooms” are primarily anecdotal and have minimal scientific evidence attached to it, which is a result of it been as an illegal drug by most countries. It is noteworthy that a majority of the scientific studies have not been subjecting to peer review and conducted in a placebo-free environment. Nonetheless, the little research that has been performing, coupled with numerous user testimonies, has come up with very informative benefits of “Magic Mushrooms” The following are a number of the benefits that have come up: – 

Increased creativity 

Most probably, the most touted benefit of “Magic Mushrooms” is increased creativity. Psilocybin in the mushroom can facilitate states where our conscious experience of the world is freeing from its involvement with our specific ego, which may be discovered to be an imaginary construct. These liberal experiences help the user to feel alive and connected. It goes a long way in boosting creativity by yielding more ideas, concepts, and solutions. It also allows the user to see more possibilities in how things can be. 

Increased alertness 

It gives users’ enhanced alertness, an assurance that they are in the proper moment. It moves them from a place of anxiety to a state of increased confidence. 

Stops smoking and other addictions 

 “Magic mushrooms’ have been revealed to assist in treating addiction to habit-forming drugs like nicotine and even cocaine. It gives “Magic mushroom” users the capability to get out of their routine to get a glimpse of a larger picture and create mental plasticity with which individuals can step outside of those addiction problems. 

Improved mental health  

“Magic mushroom” users usually report lower levels of stress and depression, leading to improved mental health. 

Improves relationship with oneself 

When using “Magic Mushrooms,” one becomes more aware of their emotions in every passing moment and allows one to address them on the spot instead of letting them build up. It leads to better moods. The mind stops making up excuses bet unhappy, and instead focuses the attention on the positive, leading to a sense of inner peace permeating the individual. 

It leads to the user’s life becoming more emotionally adjusted, social, happy, and carefree, and less severe. The individual becomes more relaxed and calm, and encounters increased energy levels. 

 Increase of “openness.”  

A study has shown significant increases in openness following a high-dose psilocybin session.” Openness in psychology is generally associated with traits such as imagination, creativity, and aesthetic appreciation. Therefore it goes along that even microdose of “Magic mushrooms” can have a positive effect on an individual’s openness.  

Improved relationships with others 

Intake of micro doses of “Magic mushroom” enables the user to be comfortable in public, and less anxious in conversations. The user becomes more tolerant, compassionate towards people, and has a higher chance of starting up conversations with strangers. 

Magic Mushroom enables the user to become a more empathetic, compassionate, and friendly individual. They begin to live with more acceptance, appreciation, and presence of mind. They can live out their values, feeling even more connected than before. 


Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms has clear, tangible benefits. However, the micro dose needs to be maintained at individual tolerable levels, to avoid negative advantages such as addiction or even mental disorders such as neuroticism 

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