Month: February 2022

The similarity between Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains?

The difference between Indica and Sativa Cannabis is that Indica is short, bushy, has thick stems and its leaves are dark green and broad. It reduces insomnia and creates a feeling of relaxation. Sativa tree is tall with its leaves being narrow and light green. It leaves you energized and having focus and creativity. Let us discuss the similarity of  Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains

Nausea is reduced

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains are similar as they have been known to reduce nausea in some diseases as a result of the treatment given to a patient especially if it is chronic. Medically a moderate amount of THC which is balanced with CBD is used. Chemotherapy patients benefit highly as Indica and Cannabis Sativa are used together with the treatment in limited doses as they experience anticipatory nausea and are unable to control their symptoms. 

Reduce Pain

Sativa Cannabis and Indica research in labs by scientists has allowed patients with long-term illnesses and experience pain to turn to use it. They have both been used around the world for medicinal purposes with a lot of research. Treating joint pains and muscle spasms has also been made possible. When pain is reduced the patient is also able to relax and feel at ease.

Help in Loss of Appetite

Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains vary when it comes to appetite. Scientific results have shown that for patients who have a chronic illness and have a loss of appetite, Indica is used to alter their eating behaviors. Appetite is increased prompting the patient to eat by triggering the hunger hormone in the brain. As for Sativa Cannabis, it suppresses your appetite due to a high concentration of THCV.

Treating Abdominal Obesity

Cannabis Sativa strains have been used by scientists to make it possible to treat abdominal obesity. This has been done by creating a blockade between Cannabinoid type 1(CB1) receptors and CB1 antagonists. This helps in the restoration of the body’s sensitivity to insulin and also improves an individual’s weight. The Endocannabinoid System in the body is also triggered. A sense of well-being is changed and positive mood effects are experienced which may prompt one to exercise.


Both Indica vs Sativa Cannabis strains when used correctly outweigh the potential risks than when used recreationally. History has them as the oldest cultivated crops used for medical purposes and scientific research has shown that when quality is controlled it is beneficial to patients especially those with chronic problems. They may also work differently for everyone depending on your body and your level of tolerance.

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